Jet Povost crash near RAF Digby

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Jet Povost crash near RAF Digby

Post  daveandsylvia on Sat Dec 04, 2010 6:06 pm

On the 15th June 1964 a few of us from the section were playing cricket on the sports field when we heard 2 loud bangs only a second or two apart. A Jet Provost passed very low over us and crashed in a field some short distance away. The 2 man crew, who had ejected, drifted over us and landed in the woods on the edge on the edge of the sports field. We abandoned the match to assist! The pilot had back pains but could walk. The other unhurt crew member was , as far as I can recall, the Accounts Officer at Cranwell on his 1st. trip in a Provost. Below is a link to the crash but as far as I remember, the aircraft was complete with it's wings as it passed over us. Can anyboby out there remember the crash?
Dave Howes.

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